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Have a tight budget? Use one of these already-designed websites rather than a custom website.

"Pre-designed" Acupuncture Websites

Blackwater Falls 622
(mobile ready)
See examples here & here.

Grass 424

Bamboo 301
(mobile ready)
See this design in action

Sunrise 700

Glowing Landscape 206
(mobile ready)

Leaves 201 (mobile ready)
See live example of this design

Pale Waterfall 203

Beach 226 (mobile ready)
See this design in action

Five Element 640

Blue Bamboo 104

Autumn Maple 101

Brown Bamboo 102

Mountains 100

Waterfall 210

Chinese Panel 228
(mobile ready)
See this design in action

Anemone 631

Yarrow 103

Red Maple 202
(mobile ready)

Green Landscape 207

Gold Landscape 208
(mobile ready)

The designs above which are not yet mobile ready can be made so very easily.