Miller's Greenhouse (23 images)
Construction of a solar passive high tunnel, zone 4-5

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I've been asked to list results of the various plants I've been experimenting with. Sorry, I haven't listed all the varieties here, but you can inquire.

  1. Through 2012 - here are the successes (ie, the things we ate the most, some of the previous successes, like pac choi, we just didn't eat for some reason.)
  2. Planted in fall of 2009, a single layer of floating row cover (4 degrees) was added. The inside-outside temperature differential is 20 degrees: Russian red kale, chard, tatsoi, pac-choi, lettuce, kohlrabi, parsley, cilantro, snow peas, savoy cabbage, red cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts arrowhead cabbage, mache (corn salad), claytonia (miner's lettuce), beets, carrots, violets, nasturtium, canterbury bells.
  3. Planted in Feb/March of 2010: carrots, fresh kale, cabbage, chard, parsley, pulled out the mache.
  4. Planted in April/May of 2010: as the last of the 2009 greens were removed (except the chard) I replanted w/ new greens.
  5. Planted in August 2010: lettuces, chard, mache (in that coldest SE corner), claytonia, kales, more cabbage.
  6. Sept 1, 2011 - planted all from previous years plus beets and carrots - which did very well. By March, 2012 we starting simply pulling things out as we got ready for the summer garden.
  7. Sept 2, 2012 - plantederratic all from previous years, plus moved half grown onions from main garden - this year's experiment.

The even more amazing thing about this is not the greenhouse, but the community where I live. I'm a very erratic member of a local garden group who take turns visiting each others' gardens during the spring-summer-fall. They came to see our gardens and greenhouse last night.

They included:

This tiny community of 10,000, located in the rolling hills of SE Iowa, Fairfield, IA, includes (and this list is woefully short).