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Getting on the solexx twinwall skin was both easy and hard. Easy to cut, move around, get into place, sometimes hard to get it to slide into the plastic channel that goes between each section. The channel that goes between the skin sections is 4' H-channel, slightly thicker than the skin. The channel was pretty wide - about 4", so there was some spare wiggle room. But still, it was pretty stiff sometimes.

With the first section we tried putting up the skin and securing it, and then sliding on the channel -- and then pushing in the next section of skin from the side. Too difficult.

Here's what worked.

  1. Get the first section up and firmly secured w/ #8 bolts, (more later on that)
  2. Hoist the next section of skin up roughly in place (not for a windy day)
  3. Temporarily secure each subsequent section of skin in place, with a couple of C clamps to the PVC (with wood protecting the skin from being crushed).
  4. Tap/adjust the skin (used bit of 2x4 again to prevent crushing) on the edges so that the gap between the previous and the new one is fairly parallel, and about 1/2- 3/4" wide
  5. Grease up a 4' section of channel w/ WD-40 pretty thoughly, and starting at the top, start sliding, the channel (the first one goes easy). Push it as far as it'll reach manually, then use a narrow stiff bit of wood to push it as far as you can reach.
  6. We had one person lying on top (not on the skins), and one person on a ladder underneath, armed with WD-40, and some wood to tap the channel to keep it going straight, and lift it a bit as it passes over the PVC horizontals.
  7. Then we just kept adding additional pieces of channel, with the underneath person doing the guiding, "a little more, a little more, 6" inches more, STOP"
  8. Next, we'd go along the side w/ our 2x4 (to prevent crushing) and a hammer and firmly tap the skin more deeply into the channel.
  9. Finally, we'd secure it w/ bolts & gaskets.