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The skin is up and we've got the ends covered w/ plastic until we get the skin done there. First frost has already come - so we're closing up at night. There are some peppers that are decidedly not cold hardy.

While the main skin went up vertically, the end skins will be horizontal, making it easy to remove the bottom section on both ends for summer x-ventilation.

The skin is held in place with a sandwich of neuprene gasket-skin-another gasket-washer-lock washer-nut. We used #8 bolts. Because neoprene is so expensive if bought as gaskets, we bought 2 6"x36" sheets, 1/8" thick, and cut our own gaskets.

After a couple of days, we needed to tighten all the bolts a bit, but basically they tighten just enough to make a slight dimple in the skin - no more.

We're using scraps of pex pipe for the bedding hoops.