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Looking in through the west window. You can see that we put up some guy wires for a little overkill stabilization - both to keep the room from dipping under a really heavy snow load (a person can lie on it w/ any appreciable dip), and to stabilize it east-west against the wind. There are 'let-in's' on the north wall, but there's not a lot of stick wall to stabilize. You can see the small 'let-in' on the east wall beside the door.

Update So, there are 2 wires running N-S from the main supporting beam to one of the joints on the pvc pipe (one that has the rebar in it) for support from snow loads. There are two wires, connected to bolts in the wooden frame, one from the SW corner, running NE, and one from the SE corner going NW, meeting about 4' apart in the center of the main beam. Both have those tightener thingies so that the tension can be adjusted. We just looped the wire around the pvc and fastened it w/ a wire clamp.