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All buttoned up and in the snow. We started using medium floating row cover once it got down to about 15 (there's a 20 degree temp difference inside and out), and added heavyweight row cover when it got colder. So medium=4 degrees, heavyweight=additional 8 degrees, plus inside-outside = 20 degrees - totaling 32 degrees difference.

By mid January with plenty of double-diget minus weather, the soil temp is still 40

Also, by Mid January, the inside-outside temp difference is beginning to decline - I think it must be because we had 2 weeks of very cold weather with little sun, so the water barrels began to freeze on the top and outside. We've got a couple of sunny days coming up and will see whether the water barrels thaw and consequently the inside-outside temp reverts to 20 degrees difference.

We added additional insulation behind the barrels and a pink foam "cap" to each and now they freeze very little.

We added gallon bottles of water underneath the floating row cover and that cured any and all problems of the more tender plants (ie, lettuces) getting nipped. Every 2-3 feet whereever we could squeeze them in.