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Now we've got the framing up, usual stick framing - 16" oc on walls, and 24" on the ceiling.

You can see that the north wall is solid, with a partial roof above. The winter sun is low and won't block the light from reaching dark-painted water barrels that will go in the popout/popin in the north wall (to the left of the picture. That popout is insulated top, sides, bottom. Even so, when it got down to -14 outside, the water in the barrels began to freeze a little, so we're going to add an extra layer of insulation behind/between them, leaving only a dark painted surface to collect heat exposed.

The north wall and the ceiling will be insulated. The summer sun is high and will block the light from the north wall completely.

We built up that beam - it's essentially a 4x10, it has a 24' span, so will have a 4x4 post under it in the center.