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Selected Gravestone Inscriptions - Jefferson County, W VA

These are some photographed pages from Tombstone Inscriptions, Jefferson Co, V WV, 1687-1980, Copyright 1981, Bee Line Chapter, NSDAR, Charles Town, WV, 25414, Printed in the United States of America. Since I was focused on Anderson, I copied only some pages, but they include some other names as well. Sorry about the camera case obscuring some of the dates. When I took these photos, I hadn't yet thought to put them online for others!

Bolivar Cemetery, Bolivar, WV - Akins - Brackett
Edgehill Cemetery, Charlestown, WV - Allen - Atwell
Episcopal and Masonic Cemetery, Middleway, WV - Allen - Barnes as of July 1977
Harper's Cemetery, Harpers Ferry, WV - Adams - Benton as of November, 1978
Moler Graveyard, Harpers Ferry Pike, WV - Moler - Taylor on the old Rau farm.

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