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Bill Gates' Hurricane Removal Wizard

  1. Hurricane Install Wizard -- Press OK to install or remove a Hurricane.
  2. The Hurricane Install Wizard already found a hurricane installed. Press OK to continue installing a Hurricane.
  3. Do you want to install or remove a hurricane? OK-CANCEL
  4. Please wait while the Hurricane Install Wizard searches your system for other anthropomorphic climate changes...
  5. Where do you want to install/remove the hurricane?
  6. The Hurricane Install Wizard requires you to quit using all weather during the install. OK-CANCEL
  7. Click OK to install/remove a hurricane.
  8. An error occurred. Please reinstall your environment and try installing the hurricane again.

From Stephen-in-Seattle, posted in comments on Huffington Post .... thanks!

And ... from Sluggo ...

Just install Windows Vista on the hurricanes and they will grind to a halt.

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