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Search Engine Maintenance

Although search engine optimization is no longer our primary service, we do offer consulting services and will train your webmaster how to keep your site visible. In the alternative, we will refer to you to reliable associates for SEO work.

However, keeping in mind our SEO focus, each newly design site will have correct basic search engine needs addressed. Website management requires maintenance. Successful websites attract repeat users by offering new material from time to time. Search sites change the methodology for ranking websites. That simple fact causes any given website's position to change, disappear, reappear, and generally confuse anyone trying to understand what is going on. Change is the nature of the environment we are working in.

With regular monthly ranking monitoring, top pages which lose rank can be adjusted and reinstated. But, again, due to the lag time of search engine robots, it may take a month or more. However, some of the research we receive seems to stay ahead of the wave, and loss of positioning is less than might be expected.

Site Design

You should expect your retail website in a competitive market should be updated every six - twelve months. Not just changing a few dates, but overhauling the look, the layout, reconsidering the ease of navigation and whether information provided is up to date and still informative to people who may have visited your site earlier. You don't need to add bells and whistles, although they are fun, but you do need to provide a site of value to your users.

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